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Why is the cake mouldy before the use by date?

The sponge cakes are a fresh baked product that contains eggs and if not kept in a cool place they can mould or expire before the date printed on the package. Especially in hot and humid weather conditions, such as in Summer, our cakes may mould and expire at a faster rate and before the use by date. As weather conditions are out of our control, we cannot guarantee that the cakes will last till use by date.


We strongly encourage our customers to place our cakes in the fridge or in a dry, cool place especially in extreme hot and humid weather conditions.


The cake is mouldy before the use by date. What do I do?

If you have purchased our cakes and it has mould or is faulty in any way before the use by date, please return the product to the shop that you bought it from and request for a refund or exchange. Ideally, it is best if you have retained your proof of purchase, however, our retailers should allow you a refund or exchange with or without a proof of purchase.

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